1. General

1.1 User Agreement SUMMIT TO SEA consists of these Terms (Part 1) and Privacy Policy (Part 2). Fivelstad Eiendom AS (Fivelstad) delivers and has the full rights to the application SUMMIT TO SEA with underlying functionality and customizations (collectively SUMMIT TO SEA). As a user your contracting party is Fivelstad.

1.2 The application SUMMIT TO SEA is available for free for people who are registered users (hereinafter "User") on the terms provided for in the Terms of Service. To become a registered user of the Services, you must consent to Fivelstad's use of your personal information as described in the Privacy Policy (see User Agreement, Part 2 below).

By registering as a User of SUMMIT TO SEA you are obliged to accept these Terms of Service. You may not, without Fivelstad's written consent totally or partially entrust your rights and obligations as User to another party/person.

2. Age limit

2.1 Unless otherwise provided Fivelstad's services are available only to people who are over 13 years of age at the time they register as User. By adopting a service, you guarantee that you are over 13 years of age.

3. Acceptance of receiving information from Fivelstad

You agree to receive general information that is relevant to your relationship to Fivelstad per e-mail, SMS and / or other relevant communication channels that you have registered contact information at Fivelstad. This may include information about Fivelstad's services and offerings, changes in or continuation of the App. The consent also applies to periods where you stand as idle use, and in such circumstances will any information be sought reduced / adapted accordingly.

4. Disclaimer

4.1 SUMMIT TO SEA is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. Fivelstad has no control over any web pages being linked to, and any liability for content contained on such websites.

4.2 Fivelstad is not responsible for services or products that the user buys and / or receives from third parties via SUMMIT TO SEA. The user accepts that warranty claims, complaints and other matters related to such purchases, the User must handle directly with such third party.

5. Changes and Termination

Fivelstad has the right to change SUMMIT TO SEA and other services offered through SUMMIT TO SEA. Minor changes may be made without notice.

Fivelstad has the right to change the terms of SUMMIT TO SEA. Once the changes are of a certain importance and to the detriment of you, Fivelstad must notify you via SMS or e-mail at least 30 days before the change takes effect. If you do not want to accept such new conditions you can terminate the agreement with immediate effect. By using the Services after the changes have taken effect, you are deemed to have accepted the changes.

Fivelstad has the right to terminate the agreement immediately and without notice if you significantly breach the terms. Fivelstad has no obligation to you, if the agreement is terminated on such a basis.

6. Governing Law

Terms shall be governed and construed in accordance with current Norwegian law. Disputes shall be subject to Norwegian courts jurisdiction. Oslo District Court is the agreed venue.


1. Fivelstad takes your privacy seriously

This privacy policy explains what information we collect and how we use and protect this information. Our processing of personal data is subject to the Norwegian privacy laws.

2. Treatment Responsible and principles of treatment

The daily responsibility for processing personal data which Fivelstad processes lies with the CEO at Fivelstad, responsible under the Personal Data Act.

Inquiries regarding the processing of your personal data may be addressed to Fivelstad Eiendom AS Email:

Fivelstad will handle registered personal information from users under this privacy statement:

  • 1. Fivelstad will not use your personal information for purposes other than the law permits or that you have given your consent to.
  • 2. Fivelstad will answer your questions about this privacy statement.
  • 3. Upon request Fivelstad will give you access to your personal information.
  • 4. On request, Fivelstad will change your personal information.
  • 5. Upon request Fivelstad will delete your personal information.

3. Use of Personal Information

Fivelstad treats various types of personal information in different ways and for different purposes in order to offer you Fivelstad's services. When you enter into a contractual relationship with Fivelstad and accept this privacy policy, you're also agreeing that your personal data is processed by Fivelstad with partners. This includes:

  • Personal information is necessary for Fivelstad with partners to be able to offer our services: To become a user of SUMMIT TO SEA you must provide specified information about yourself. Data are processed for us to offer you our services and manage your customer relationships in general and in the individual services as agreed. When using SUMMIT TO SEA, your use of the service is registered.
  • Personal information is necessary for you to use SUMMIT TO SEA functionalities: We treat personal information about you in order to give you access to functionalities in SUMMIT TO SEA. This includes the geographic location you have when you use the check in function in the app. You choose if you want to use the check in function or not.
  • Personal information is necessary for us to improve our products and services and adapt communication to you: We want to customize our communication with you so that you always have access to content that suits you the most. We might store and analyze information about the services you use, how often you use them, your recommendations and how often and with whom you are communicating about our services.

4. With whom and for what purpose we exchange personal data

By accepting this Privacy Statement you agree that the personal information we have concerning you may be made available for those parties who Fivelstad has a contractual relationship with affiliated to SUMMIT TO SEA.

These parties are obliged to enforce the same strict rules relating to the processing of personal data and that they are obliged to operate in accordance with the same rules and conditions, which are described here. You also agree that the parties we have a contractual relationship to, may send your personal information to us. We do this so that you can get as relevant a service as possible.

Fivelstad will also be able to share general information about their customers with relevant partners Fivelstad is working with. This information will only contain anonymous and summarized information on demographics, geography and the use of similar services with us. This information will only be used to provide information on the use of third party services so that we, together with our partners, can offer a more relevant service to our customers.

Personal information may also be disclosed if there is a legal basis for this or Fivelstad is obligated to do so by a court or other public authority.

5. Storage, deletion and transfer

Fivelstad has routines and practices information security in accordance with applicable privacy policy in Norway.

SUMMIT TO SEA is stored via the service Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS). This means that personal data may be transferred to countries outside the EEA. Such transfer may result in personal data being stored in territories where European rules on data protection do not apply. By using SUMMIT TO SEA you approve of any such transfer of personal data.

Your personal information will only be stored as long as we can reasonably require so, and will be deleted when you resign as a registered user.

6. Access to and correction of personal data

By logging into your account, you have the opportunity to change and update your personal information. You are at all times entitled to access to the personal data Fivelstad has registered about you. In addition to that you can change and update your information yourself, you can contact Fivelstad to require that Fivelstad corrects deficient personal information about you.

7. Data deletion requests

To request deletion of user-generated data please write us at with your username/email that should be processed.